La Nascetta

Langhe Nascetta

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​Locally also called Anas-cétta or Nas-cëtta (curiously pronounced in Piedmontese by detaching the "s" from the "c" and with "e" semi-silent)
According to Lorenzo Fantini in 1883 was widespread throughout the Alba area, after the adventof modern viticulture with the introduction of single-variety vineyards,
this vine considerably reduces its distribution, up to survive within a few vineyards in the municipality of Novello. To
starting from the mid-90s, thanks to Elvio Cogno and the faculty of agriculture of the University of Turin, the cultivation of this variety throughout the Langa area. To date it can be considered the only native white grape variety of the Barolo Langa.

The diffusion of the production of pure Nas-cétta concerns the municipality of Novello (with 7 producing companies), La Morra (with 5 companies), Serralunga d'Alba
(with 2 companies), Santo Stefano Belbo (with 2 companies), Castiglione
Falletto, Barolo, Dogliani, Trezzo Tinella, Carrù.
The spread is in constant increase also in other viticultural realities of the Langa and Roero.
Sub-area of ​​the municipality of Novello In addition to the Langhe Nas-cetta there is also the Langhe Nas-cetta produced in the sub-area relating to the municipality of Novello.

Data Sheet

Color: pale straw yellow
Bouquet: delicate, tropical fruits

loc. Cascina Bellavista, Mantoetto region

VARIETY: nascetta

VINIFICATION: classic white grapes vinification cryomaceration aging in steel

ALCOHOL: 12.5 / 13 variable according to climate changes

PRODUCTION: 100 quintals.

PACKAGING: 0.75 green Albeisa bottle. Cardboard boxes 6-12 bottles. Wooden crates on request.

Characteristics of the wine

Good dry extract between 20.6 and 24 g / L

Good structure and right acidity with floral (acacia), fruity (apple, white and yellow peaches, and tropical fruits with advanced ripening of the grapes) and honey, slightly tannic notes.