​A traditi​on of over 150 years
the Barolo “Mantoet​to” DOCG

​The history of the "Mantoetto" vineyard,

​the only vineyard under the Municipality of Cherasco from which it is possible to produce Barolo DOCG, it is very ancient and full of curiosity.

Mantoetto is the only vineyard in Nebbiolo in the municipality of Cherasco from which it is possible to make Barolo thanks to the fact that the Mentone family had been producing Barolo from grapes grown in this vineyard since 1880.
The surface of this small hill planted with Nebbiolo stands on a promontory in the hamlet of San Michele, on the border with the territory of La Morra. It is an excellently sunny area with an ideal microclimate for growing grapes. The soil is calcareous and clayey, thus allowing the production of full-bodied but soft wines with a varied bouquet.

​The Nebbiolo grapes that generate the “Mantoetto” Barolo are of three genetic varieties: Lampia, Michet and the very rare Rosé.
Furthermore, in 2009 the Mantoetto also obtained the recognition of Additional Geographical Mention to further accredit its specificity and peculiarities. According to the expert Massimo Martinelli, a great scholar of Barolo, that thanks to its history, Mantoetto can be considered one of the oldest "Cru" of Barolo.
Umberto Fracassi likes to emphasize that "to make a good wine you just have to take care not to ruin what the vineyard gives us in the cellar". In fact, the respect that the company has for the vineyard is total: constant cleaning of weeds around the stumps, careful green pruning, removal of unproductive shoots ... Afterwards the aging in large Slavonian oak barrels for four years, much more than as required by the Barolo DOCG Regulations.
Mantoetto, as Fabrizio Stecca underlines in a recent "vertical" tasting, is an extraordinary wine, clear, with an amaranth color tending to garnet, especially in the nails and reflections. The nose is persistent, vinous and fruity with hints of plum, morello cherry, cherry jam and licorice. In the mouth it is broad, dances with elegant full-bodied harmony on the palate, revealing only in the finish a slight astringent tannic vibration destined to fade in evolution.

Data Sheet

Color: garnet red, shiny, with orange reflections.
Bouquet: austere, but velvety, pleasant, intense, it reminds the scent of violets and withered roses
Taste: dry, full, robust, but velvety with a strong hint of "goudron".

Municipality of Cherasco, San Michele hamlet, Mantoetto sub-area, South South West exposure.

VARIETY: «Lampia», «Michet» and «Rose».

VINIFICATION: manual harvesting in small boxes, traditional vinification to obtain a good extraction. Controlled temperatures, punching down and frequent pumping over.

ALCOHOL: 13.5 '.

AGING: three years starting from January following the year of production of the grapes, in oak barrels. Winery in Cherasco.

PRODUCTION: 100 quintals.

PACKAGING: "Albeisa" 0.75 bottle. Cardboard boxes 6 12 bottles. Wooden crates and 3.75 "JEROBOAM" bottles on request.