What our customers say

​”The Mantoetto cru is as small as it is for one
sometimes you can even forget to declare it on the label.
The important thing is not to forget to bottle a good wine, e
in this Umberto Fracassi has surpassed himself: gracefully evolved, noble
in bearing and a classicism that is never difficult or thoughtful. A good
companion for a dinner. "

Alessandro Masnaghetti
Enogea June 2014

​“A wonderfully traditional producer
coherent of Cherasco, a municipality known as much for its snails as his own
wine, Umberto Fracassi has created a remarkable and complex Barolo 2010
which presents classic aromas of cherry, cedar, tar and peel
orange, has a nice maturity and balance ... Rich, fine tannins,
excellent acidity and exceptional persistence. Gorgeous wine, sublime with
great intensity; peak in 35 plus years. "

Tom Hyland
​Wine News & Features USA Italian wine expert

​“It definitely takes courage to carry on
this limited production. When I first tasted it
time this wine the first thing that came to my mind is that
I finally drink the real Barolo. It is time to clear the false myth that the
Barolo should only be drunk on saddle of hare or braised meat or that
the bottle should be uncorked only for important guests. Barolo is fine
with everything, even with fish. "

Paolo Massobrio
​Food and Wine Expert

​The crus of Barolo: Mantoetto di Cherasco »:« Enough
with the bottles still in the cellar and then perhaps sold at auction a
distance of ten, twenty, thirty years or more. Barolo must be
drunk. And if you have friends they don't like, let's drink it alone. "

Massimo Martinetti
​Wine expert collaborator of Art & Wine