​A tradition of over 150 years

​The history of the prestigious winery, today called Vigneti di Umberto Fracassi Ratti Menton, leaves in the mid-1800s when the owner of the vineyards, Countess Maddalena Ratti Mentone, convola a wedding with the descendant of an important family of rice growers vercellesi, Marcello Fracassi di Trino, Mayor of this municipality ai times of Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour.
Marcello Fracassi, a lawyer, was in fact sent as Praetor to Cherasco where he met and married the noblewoman. Subsequently the heirs of the Fracassi Ratti Mentone family obtained from the House of Savoy the title of Marquis of Torre Rossano.
It was immediately after the war that the Marquis Umberto Fracassi, despite his mother trying to discourage him, he takes over the reins of the Cellar to continue the family tradition. Family traditions which date back to 1200 and always linked to the territory of Cherasco.

The Fracassi Ratti Mentone family has been producing Barolo since 1880, few years after the Marquise of Barolo Juliette Colbert in Falletti invented the King of Wines by changing the winemaking methods of fine Nebbiolo grape.
Even today the winery produces its prestigious "Cru" of Barolo called "Mantoetto", the only area under the Municipality of Cherasco in which Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo can be grown. The production of Barolo Mantoetto, from vines with very low yield in order to guarantee the high quality, is just over 6,000 bottles and 500 Magnums per year.

il Marchese Umberto Fracassi